About Us

About us

We are Martin and Roma Morris, both local Islanders and although we've spent considerable time living away from the Island we have always been drawn home to the gentler pace of Island life. For the past 20 years we have been living permanently on the Island. For more than 30 years we have worked together building boats, making furniture, renovating houses and sailing our boat across the oceans. On our boat we've traveled to many different islands they can all have a special feel about them and the Isle of Wight is no exception. Come visit, slow down and relax and find out what we mean.

Three Gables present day role as a holiday let is a more recent one as for most of it's life it has been a family home. Built by Martins father some 40 odd years ago as his ideal house to retire to, his parents spent more than 30 years of happy retirement there. We were no strangers to the place though as the land had once belonged to Martins Grandparents and his mother had been brought up in a long since demolished cottage that stood much nearer the road than the present day house. The house came to us in 2002 and over 10 years we undertook an extensive renovation of both the house and the garden which we started to holiday let it in 2013.

What makes this House unique

The renovation has been done in a way that reflects our interest in sustainable living such as the use of recycled materials, installing a high level of insulation to the walls,floors and roof of the house and fitting solar thermal panels which heat more than 50% of the hot water used annually in the house. In 2022 we had solar PVmounted on the roof and an EV charger fitted to help us reduce our carbon footprint more and we were pleased to be awarded a gold star for green tourism in 2023.

Three Gables is a much loved home, it is large and spacious, far too big for the two of us now so we are very happy for our holiday guests to enjoy the space, light and glorious views whilst we live close by in a smaller cottage on the same piece of land.